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Create an Alphabet Dance

Create an Alphabet Dance

This is the second course in ARTS:LIVE’s Dance Your Socks Off series. Now you’ve created a ‘dance vocabulary’ or Alphabet Dance, we’ll take you through a process of inventing transition moves and forming simple choruses to combine all the elements of the dance. Remembering all the moves is a workout for both your memory and … Read more

Create an Alphabet through Dance

Learn the Alphabet Dance

This is the first course in ARTS:LIVE’s Dance Your Socks Off series. Create an Alphabet Dance combining movements and chants, using your body in a percussive and rhythmic way. The Alphabet Dance requires you to create a series of movements that represents each letter of the alphabet. This activity provides students with an opportunity to … Read more

School Of Fish Early Learning Activity

School of Fish

Have you ever noticed that a school of fish move together with the ebb and flow of the currents? School of Fish is a fun group activity that will have you moving at the same time as all your friends. Learn warm up dances and group activities like the mirror game where you copy your … Read more

Create a Song Cycle with NAISDA

Create a Song Cycle

Express your journey, secrets and identity through dance. For Indigenous cultures, a song cycle is so much more than a song. It represents journeys and secret knowledge that belong to a clan or community. It’s a way of passing on culture, knowledge, and skills. Create a Song Cycle is a course that helps you translate … Read more

Make Tracks with NAISDA

Make Tracks

Contemporary Indigenous dance has a significant cultural importance in the Australian art world. This course aims to engage future artists and inspire everyone to enjoy this new dance form. Led by dancers from Australia’s leading Indigenous dance college, NAISDA, Make Tracks is a springboard for young choreographers to develop their own contemporary dance style. Dance … Read more

Compose Some More

Compose Some More

Learn the fundamentals of music composition with this easy to understand resource, which will take you from a music theory novice to budding Beethoven! This course is an extension resource for Compose Yourself, a music composition course which focuses on note duration and time signatures. Taking you through the next steps, Compose Some More dives … Read more

Compose Yourself

Learn the fundamentals of music composition with this easy to understand resource, which will take you from music theory novice to budding Beethoven! With Compose Yourself, you will learn how to read music, and to write, create and compose music. Videos are structured in a logical step-by-step progression, building up your skills gradually. Learn through … Read more

Interview with hip hop artist Luka Lesson

Rap It Up

Hip Hop is one of the defining cultural movements of our time, but many people don’t realise it is heavily influenced by poetry. Discover the historical, social and political context and influences of hip hop culture and rap music. Identify the musical and poetic elements used in a range of rap songs. From there, undertake … Read more

Concrete Poetry at Heide MoMA

Concrete Poetry

When are words not just words? Concrete Poetry focuses on the visual appearance of language, including the typography of words, and playing with the font, shape, size and arrangement of letters. With Concrete Poetry, the way the word looks is as important as the words themselves. A 5 minute video will introduce the concept of … Read more

Poetry and Drama

Lift a poem off the page and bring it to life with movement to create a meaningful and dramatic short play. Poetry and Drama brings excitement to the world of literature, improving your understanding of the English language beyond the written word. Poetry and Drama takes you through an introduction to poetry where you look … Read more