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This course introduces students to Queensland Ballet’s Little Red Riding Hood and invites them backstage to meet the production team. Students are encouraged to consider how fairy tales have been adapted throughout history then choreograph their own interpretation of the fairy tale using movement. They also explore how production elements like lighting, composition and costume can enhance their movement pieces inspired by tips from the creative team behind the production.

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Hive Mind

  • Media Arts
  • Visual Arts

Age 5-12, 12-16


This resource features a community art installation by Queensland artist Amelia Kalifa. This cross-curricular inquiry-based course provides students with a dynamic avenue for engaging with others, exploring diverse ways of thinking and developing empathy.

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This resource features renowned children’s theatre-makers and authors The Listies (AKA Matt and Rich) as they demonstrate how to put on a show in a lounge room. This resource incorporates a kinesthetic approach to learning and uses fun, spontaneous and playful activities to help anyone create, refine and perform theatre.

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