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Sound Bites

  • Music
  • Visual Arts
  • At Home

Age 5-12, 12-16

The Sound Bites collection introduces students to a diverse mix of up and coming and established Australian musicians. Each artist shares some of the tips and tricks they use to ignite and develop their music making.

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  • Drama
  • Visual Arts

Age 5-12

Puppetry course on ARTS:LIVE

Designosaurs invites students to participate in an enquiry based research project about local threatened species. Through the course students develop their understanding of puppet construction and puppeteering guided by theatre company Erth to create an awareness-raising endangered animal puppet presentation to a broader community.

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This course introduces students to Queensland Ballet’s Little Red Riding Hood and invites them backstage to meet the production team. Students are encouraged to consider how fairy tales have been adapted throughout history then choreograph their own interpretation of the fairy tale using movement. They also explore how production elements like lighting, composition and costume can enhance their movement pieces inspired by tips from the creative team behind the production.

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