Create a Song Cycle

Dance Age 12-16
Create a Song Cycle with NAISDA

Express your journey, secrets and identity through dance. For Indigenous cultures, a song cycle is so much more than a song. It represents journeys and secret knowledge that belong to a clan or community. It’s a way of passing on culture, knowledge, and skills.

Create a Song Cycle is a course that helps you translate your own identity through physical movement. Dance choreographer Vicki Van Hout will walk you through the process of creating a new dance inspired by videos of a contemporary performance and the process used at NAISDA Dance College. You will unpack the elements of a song cycle and work through the different elements. By the end of the course, you will have developed a performance piece.

This course encourages self-expression, creative thinking and improvisation. It is a challenging course designed for teachers of secondary school students.

What's Inside?

  • Two videos featuring 7 mins of performances and chorography
  • Downloadable resources to inspire creative thinking
  • Four lessons with lesson plans that provide the logical steps to building up to your own performance for theatre
  • Downloadable activity sheets to compliment the lessons
  • A resources section full of useful external links and media to extend your learning

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