Make Tracks

Dance Age 12-16
Make Tracks with NAISDA

Contemporary Indigenous dance has a significant cultural importance in the Australian art world. This course aims to engage future artists and inspire everyone to enjoy this new dance form. Led by dancers from Australia’s leading Indigenous dance college, NAISDA, Make Tracks is a springboard for young choreographers to develop their own contemporary dance style.

Dance is an excellent way to express your own culture and identity. This course will guide you through different processes which lead to experimenting with movement and building your own choreography. By the end of the lessons, you will have developed a performance piece incorporating a range of theatrical elements.

This course will help you develop skills in expression through physical movement. It is a challenging course designed for teachers of secondary school students.

What's Inside?

  • Two videos featuring 10 mins of performances and chorography
  • Three downloadable activity sheets which will inspire creative thinking
  • Four lessons with lesson plans that provide the logical steps to building your own dance theatre piece
  • A resources section full of useful links and media to extend your learning

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