Poetry and Drama

Drama Age 5-12

Lift a poem off the page and bring it to life with movement to create a meaningful and dramatic short play. Poetry and Drama brings excitement to the world of literature, improving your understanding of the English language beyond the written word.

Poetry and Drama takes you through an introduction to poetry where you look at elements of poetry, and explore language and rhyming. Videos featuring Andrew Backman from Complete Works Theatre Company, provide examples of their creative process.
By focusing on characters and themes, you will bring to life a famous Banjo Paterson poem. The eventual performance utilises creative interpretations, incorporating your own choice of movements, acting and sounds.

This course encourages self-expression and develops literacy and language skills. It’s an exciting and accessible course, ideal for teachers of any primary school level, including those learning English.

What's Inside?

  • Two videos featuring almost 12 minutes of engaging content
  • 10 lessons filled with physical group activities
  • Four downloadable activity sheets, including Mulga Bill’s Bicycle by Banjo Paterson
  • A fun theatre review writing exercise which rounds out the course

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