Learn the Alphabet Dance

Dance At Home Age 5-12
Create an Alphabet through Dance

This is the first course in ARTS:LIVE’s Dance Your Socks Off series. Create an Alphabet Dance combining movements and chants, using your body in a percussive and rhythmic way.

The Alphabet Dance requires you to create a series of movements that represents each letter of the alphabet. This activity provides students with an opportunity to explore different dance styles, use their bodies in creative ways and practice spelling at the same time.

This fun dance activity for groups can be performed in any style of dance and can include references to different cultures, interests and experiences within the group.

What's Inside?

  • Three lessons for the classroom
  • Opportunities to engage children with literacy learning
  • A video dance tutorial with 26 dance moves
  • Dance tips from Gillian Howell
  • A home learning activity sheet

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