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students engaged in formative assessment in the music classroom

Stress-free formative assessment for the music classroom

Term 2 is the time to consolidate your formative assessment strategy for the rest of the year. With ARTS:LIVE’s comprehensive and easy-to-use resource, Introducing Formative Assessment, you will find tools for stress-free assessment of the Music Curriculum in 2024. Introducing Formative Assessment includes printable activities to support both Primary Music Specialists and Generalist Primary Teachers … Read more

Harmony Week students dancing

Easy lessons to support your Harmony Week plans!

Harmony Week is just around the corner! Are you ready to celebrate inclusiveness, respect and belonging in your classroom? ARTS:LIVE as a multitude of resources for teachers to deliver curriculum-aligned arts learning lessons that explore this year’s Harmony Week theme, ‘Everyone Belongs.’ Students learn about culture and develop understanding and connection in fun and easy-to-use activities. … Read more

Support Transitions and Classroom Connection through Music

The new school year can be particularly challenging for many students. Whether they have transitioned into a new year level, or they are finding it difficult to adjust as they move from one activity to the next, music in the classroom can help students regulate their emotions during challenging times. Using music during transition periods … Read more

Ideas to inspire your class and the whole school in Term 4

Celebrate student learning, cultivate connection and build school culture this term with arts activities from ARTS:LIVE.  ARTS:LIVE can help teachers plan a stress-free Term 4 with a variety of resource that can address multiple objectives like helping students regulate behaviour in the final school term, creating opportunities for parents to connect, or celebrating with end-of-year … Read more

primary school students engaged in music arts learning lesson on ukelele for formative assessment

Music Curriculum Formative Assessment made easy

With ARTS:LIVE’s, Introducing Formative Assessment, primary school teachers can easily plan, gather and interpret student learning in the music classroom as it happens. ARTS:LIVE’s Introducing Formative Assessment provides teachers with practical and printable student reflections, rubrics and exit tickets. Teachers will save time sourcing and creating assessment tasks and will set themselves up for stress-free … Read more

teacher with two primary school students engaged in music arts learning lesson

Stress-free planning and easy delivery of music fundamentals

Introducing Rhythm and Beat is a new resource on ARTS:LIVE that provides teachers with activities for stress-free planning and easy delivery in the fundamentals of the music curriculum. Rhythm and beat are two of the most essential elements of making, learning and enjoying music, and are embedded in the music curriculum across all year levels. … Read more

Primary school students engaged in first nations dance arts learning performance

Bring First Nations perspectives into the classroom for Reconciliation Week

With National Reconciliation Week fast approaching, it’s time to start planning. ARTS:LIVE has a multitude of resources to help you plan curriculum aligned arts learning lessons to support the week. These practical, easy to use resources cover all art forms and primary years, and will support your class to explore reconciliation, respect and understanding, while … Read more

Primary School Students enjoying arts learning lesson in music

Creative ideas to celebrate Harmony Week!

Get a lesson a day for a whole week. Harmony Week gives us the opportunity to celebrate inclusion, respect, culture and belonging. Through arts learning activities on ARTS:LIVE teachers are able to provide students with creative ways to connect, explore and grow as a supportive group. In Term 1, it’s especially important to consolidate connection … Read more

primary school students performing music and dance

Teachers, plan a memorable end of year performance.

Teachers know the value of a quality end of year performance. Students share their achievements and celebrate what they have learnt throughout the year. They support one another and work together toward a common goal. There is nothing like a live performance to challenge students, helping them to build confidence and resilience. Did anyone say … Read more