ARTS:LIVE is an award-winning, creative learning hub for the arts.

With hundreds of hours of creative educational content, ARTS:LIVE allows children of all ages, educators and parents to explore, learn and develop their creative skills in the classroom and at home. And the best thing is you don’t need to be an expert in the arts, we’ll provide everything you need to help you along the way.

For educators, ARTS:LIVE provides extensive lesson plans and interactive learning materials that cross over a wide range of subject areas including science, maths and literacy.

For parents and families, ARTS:LIVE includes a range of entertaining projects to do at home with toddlers, or with school children after school and in the school holidays.

All the resources have been developed in collaboration with professional artists and arts organisations. You’ll gain expert insights into the creative process, and instruction and guidance through the activities and lessons.

Creativity gives children opportunities to be innovative, imaginative, and to work together. ARTS:LIVE provides all the resources children need to get them started on this journey.

You can register to ARTS:LIVE for free and access many of the resources on offer. Upgrade to a Full Access subscription and you’ll be able to unlock extra resources which will take your creative skills to the next level.


ARTS:LIVE is brought to you by The Song Room

The Song Room is an Australian-based not-for-profit organisation that brightens the futures of disadvantaged children with tailored, high-quality music and arts programs, delivered in partnership with schools, education and community groups.

Creative kids are brighter kids. Research shows that participation in music and the arts at school has a significant impact on education outcomes. Despite this fact, three out of four Australian children are currently missing out on the benefits of a specialist music teacher in their school.

Of course you can use ARTS:LIVE for free, but if you choose to take out a Full Access subscription, your fees go directly towards providing disadvantaged Australian children with the chance to participate in music and arts programs that are proven to improve their education, personal development and community involvement.


Why is creative learning important?

Creativity and innovation have risen to the forefront of 21st century key learning outcomes. Children must develop their creative skills to adequately prepare them for success in school and later in life. Music and the arts are instrumental tools to aid this development, enhancing learning across all subject areas.

Through its innovative learning platform, ARTS:LIVE allows children of all ages, educators and parents to explore, learn and develop their arts and music skills from anywhere in the world, regardless of their existing skills or knowledge.

We hope you enjoy ARTS:LIVE!