Compose Some More

Music Age 5-12
Compose Some More

Learn the fundamentals of music composition with this easy to understand resource, which will take you from a music theory novice to budding Beethoven!

This course is an extension resource for Compose Yourself, a music composition course which focuses on note duration and time signatures. Taking you through the next steps, Compose Some More dives into learning the names of the notes on the stave, and looks at the relationship between these notes.

You’ll learn vocabulary specific to composing music, develop technical instrumental skills, and build your understanding of rhythm, pitch and form so you can write your own music pieces.

All fourteen lessons are accompanied by a video, providing sequential learning and making this the perfect course for teachers of primary school aged students.

What's Inside?

  • 14 x 45 min lessons
  • 14 videos
  • Downloadable lesson plans outlining the resources needed, recommended software and technology, and strategies for teaching and learning
  • Downloadable templates and music scores which support the lessons

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