Compose Yourself

Music Age 5-12

Learn the fundamentals of music composition with this easy to understand resource, which will take you from music theory novice to budding Beethoven!

With Compose Yourself, you will learn how to read music, and to write, create and compose music. Videos are structured in a logical step-by-step progression, building up your skills gradually. Learn through simple online notation software to guide you through the basics of music theory.

At the end of Compose Yourself, you will understand music notation, including note duration and time signatures. By the end you will be able to create a composition for a quartet with software for music composition. This course will prepare you for the extended course called Compose Some More, which will cover the names of the notes on the stave, and the relationship between these notes.

All fifteen lessons in the Compose Yourself course are accompanied by a video, and progress you though elements of music, which makes this the perfect music course for teaching primary school aged students.

What's Inside?

  • 15 x 45 min lessons, which include exercises with an instrument you're familiar with
  • 15 detailed videos, one for each lesson, that will engage you beyond just practicing chords
  • Downloadable lesson plans, outlining resources needed, recommended software and technology, and strategies for teaching and learning
  • Downloadable templates and music scores support the lessons

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