School of Fish

Dance Drama Age 0-5, 5-12
School Of Fish Early Learning Activity

Have you ever noticed that a school of fish move together with the ebb and flow of the currents? School of Fish is a fun group activity that will have you moving at the same time as all your friends.

Learn warm up dances and group activities like the mirror game where you copy your friend’s movements. Lessons will have you thinking about what life underwater is like, sea currents and how ocean animals move.

With catchy audio tracks and videos, this course will have you moving, jumping and clapping through exploration, interaction and role play. It’s the perfect starting point for creative learning directed by parents, primary school teachers and early childhood educators.

What's Inside?

  • A fun audio track of the Ocean Song
  • Three videos with 10mins of content to make lessons easy and adventurous
  • Six lesson plans that culminate in a group performance
  • Games that encourage imaginative and creative thinking, and teach improvisation techniques

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