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primary school students engaged in music arts learning lesson on ukelele for formative assessment

Introducing Formative Assessment

Introducing Formative Assessment provides teachers with practical and printable student reflections, rubrics and exit tickets that can be used as part of formative assessment in the music classroom. Formative assessment is an essential part of the music making process where students are encouraged to explore and experiment in their creative learning journey. ‘Introducing Formative Assessment’ … Read more

teacher teaching Rhythm and Beat with two primary school students engaged in music arts learning class

Introducing Rhythm and Beat

Teach the building blocks of music with Introducing Rhythm and Beat. Rhythm and beat are two of the most fundamental building blocks of music, and yet they are also often the elements of music most difficult to teach, and at times confusing for students to differentiate between. Simple games and activities in Introducing Rhythm and … Read more

two primary school students engaged in Outdoor Music Classroom arts learning lesson on ukuleles

The Outdoor Music Classroom

Provide your students with the social-emotional benefits of an outdoor classroom, with The Outdoor Music Classroom. This resource provides helpful and practical ideas to connect to nature through curriculum aligned, music-based learning experiences. Teachers will confidently explore, set-up and gain the benefits of teaching in an outdoor classroom. Tips and strategies help teachers to plan … Read more

Characters from Woonyoomboo: The Night Heron created by Indigenous primary school student from the Nyikina community

Woonyoomboo: The Night Heron

Woonyoomboo: The Night Heron is an important Creation story from the Nyikina community of the Kimberley region of Western Australia. It follows the journey of their creation ancestor Woonyoomboo, a “mapping man” who created and named their Country and left the Walangarri (songline) that teach people about the places and plants, sacred sites, caring for Country and the lore. Created in … Read more

primary school student playing glockenspiel instrument in arts learning lesson

The Music Classroom collection

The Music Classroom collection is a series of high-quality, practical resources to help primary teachers manage time, plan lessons and set-up their music class for success.   Created with today’s classrooms in mind, it is a teacher resource full of planning and organising tips, lesson ideas and also examples of how music activities and instrument … Read more

Together We Sing on Noongar Boodja | Deadly Arts

Discover what it entails to write a School Acknowledgement song with Charley Caruso and listen to Della Rae Morrison and Merinda Hansen explain the importance and significance of singing in First Nations languages. What does singing mean to you? Have you ever composed your own music? Students will develop their music skills through playing fun … Read more

Welcome to Whadjuk | Deadly Arts

Kaya and Wanjoo! (Hello and Welcome!) In the Deadly Arts Welcome to Whadjuk Country, hear Olman Walley – a traditional custodian of the land – sing a traditional Noongar song and be introduced to some of the exciting Deadly Arts programs which you can explore further in our Deadly Arts collection on ARTS:LIVE. Develop with … Read more

Deadly Arts collection

Bring First Nations culture and learning into the classroom with the Deadly Arts collection. This series will help teachers and students to develop cultural knowledge and respect for Country through the arts. Led by First Nations Teaching Artists from The Song Room, students’ knowledge of the key curriculum concepts of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander … Read more

What's that Instrument?

What’s that Instrument?

What’s that Instrument? is a practical, time-saving teacher resource to help primary school teachers prepare, set-up and deliver the music curriculum with confidence. Whether you are an expert, or you need some support to deliver the music curriculum, this resource provides the tools to create a colourful engaging space to help teachers and students to … Read more

Primary school students holding bells while looking up at teacher

Primary Music Starter Pack

Get started with the basics of music education with this easy to follow resource, which will deepen students’ musical skills, confidence, and understanding. With our Primary Music Starter Pack, students will learn about informal and formal music notation, musical vocabulary and improvisation. They will also have opportunities to explore body percussion, singing and develop their … Read more