Introducing Formative Assessment

Music Age 5-12
primary school students engaged in music arts learning lesson on ukelele for formative assessment

Introducing Formative Assessment provides teachers with practical and printable student reflections, rubrics and exit tickets that can be used as part of formative assessment in the music classroom.

Formative assessment is an essential part of the music making process where students are encouraged to explore and experiment in their creative learning journey.

‘Introducing Formative Assessment’ enables teachers to collect evidence of learning for Foundation to Year 6. It helps teachers to understand where their students are at and to plan the next steps for future learning. Students are supported to develop metacognitive skills as they reflect on their learning achievements and progress their skills.

Designed for both Primary Music Specialists and Generalist Primary Teachers teaching the music curriculum, this course is designed to be used flexibly across the Music curriculum. The experiences will also strengthen students’ knowledge and skills in the cross-curriculum priorities of Critical and Creative Thinking and Personal and Social Capability.

This resource is one of four in The Music Classroom Collection, and has been developed as part of the in The Music in Schools – DUET: Teacher Mentoring Program (DUET), a collaboration between The Song Room and the Victorian Department of Education and Training.

What's Inside

  • Teacher’s Guide to create and use rubrics in the classroom
  • Exit tickets for F-2 and 3-6 to provide immediate feedback to teachers
  • 7 self-assessment templates for students
  • Peer assessment templates to share skills and knowledge
  • Rubrics to track student growth

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