Introducing Rhythm and Beat

Music Age 5-12
teacher teaching Rhythm and Beat with two primary school students engaged in music arts learning class

Teach the building blocks of music with Introducing Rhythm and Beat.

Rhythm and beat are two of the most fundamental building blocks of music, and yet they are also often the elements of music most difficult to teach, and at times confusing for students to differentiate between.

Simple games and activities in Introducing Rhythm and Beat will enable teachers to confidently teach rhythm and beat to classes from Foundation to Year 6, including a variety of songs and musical learning experiences. By feeling a steady beat and learning to keep time with one another, students can build strong foundational musical skills as well as enhance their listening, coordination and collaboration skills. 

These resources are curriculum-aligned and designed to support your students as they develop the fundamental building blocks of music.

Students will become aware of beat and rhythm, and learn to discriminate between them, with opportunities to move, improvise, create and perform with beat and tempo. This will help to develop students’ aural skills, their ability to imitate and recognise rhythmic patterns, and support mathematical and language development.

Introduce the music concepts of rhythm and beat with this inspiring new resource.

This resource is one of four in The Music Classroom Collection, and has been developed as part of the in The Music in Schools – DUET: Teacher Mentoring Program (DUET), a collaboration between The Song Room and the Victorian Department of Education and Training.

What's Inside

  • 9 x Games for students in Foundation to Year Six
  • 9 x Video tutorials and worksheets
  • 4 x Sets of Printable cards
  • 2 x Printable game sheets
  • 2 x Printable students sheets
  • Lyric sheets and 4 hip hop backing audio tracks

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