The Outdoor Music Classroom

Music Age 5-12
two primary school students engaged in Outdoor Music Classroom arts learning lesson on ukuleles

Provide your students with the social-emotional benefits of an outdoor classroom, with The Outdoor Music Classroom.

This resource provides helpful and practical ideas to connect to nature through curriculum aligned, music-based learning experiences.

Teachers will confidently explore, set-up and gain the benefits of teaching in an outdoor classroom. Tips and strategies help teachers to plan and deliver music education with confidence and expertise.

The Outdoor Music Classroom authentically connects musical learning to the cross-curriculum priorities of Sustainability and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Histories and Cultures. The resource also includes lesson plans for composing seasonal poems inspired by the sounds of Country.

Set-up your students for success by creating a strong class connection in a learning environment that increases joy and happiness for both students and staff.

The resource is one of three in The Music Classroom Collection, and has been developed as part of the in The Music in Schools – DUET: Teacher Mentoring Program (DUET), a collaboration between The Song Room and the Victorian Department of Education and Training.

What's Inside

  • 5-6 x 60 minute Lesson plans for students in Foundation to Year Six
  • 14 song sheets with lyrics, links and tip
  • Teacher Guide - Outdoor Music Classroom
  • Composer Choice Boards
  • Composer Cards to guide nature compositions

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