Primary Music Starter Pack

Music Age 0-5, 5-12
Primary school students holding bells while looking up at teacher

Get started with the basics of music education with this easy to follow resource, which will deepen students’ musical skills, confidence, and understanding.

With our Primary Music Starter Pack, students will learn about informal and formal music notation, musical vocabulary and improvisation.

They will also have opportunities to explore body percussion, singing and develop their composition skills.

This collection includes a range of simple musical activities that can be used for Years F-6 by specialist and generalist primary school teachers alike. Each activity can be taught individually, or in a range of different combinations to suit students.

Each activity comes with a lesson plan, to progress you through the different activities as you introduce primary school students to the fundamentals of music.

What's Inside?

  • 27 musical activities, which include links to the Australian National and State Primary Music Curriculum
  • 3 assessment activities to help monitor students’ progression
  • 6 games to help keep students engaged during the day
  • 4 downloadable song sheets to support the lessons