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The Shoe and the Clue

Take your children on a wildlife journey through a series of animated videos, where they will discover Australian animals, learn about zoos, and be introduced to a mysterious creature called a Thingamedoo. Guided by Zoë Barry, a skilled performer, composer and educator, children explore phonemic awareness through role play, character creation, zoos and more. The … Read more

Sound Bites

Discover the music making secrets of some of Australia’s most loved musicians. Students are taken behind the scenes in Sound Bites, a collection of music resources made in partnership with Arts Centre Melbourne and the Australian Music Vault. This collection of video and online resources gives students a chance to learn about music-making and songwriting … Read more

The Tree and the Key

Use a magical story map to navigate through a series of enchanting lessons and creative activities. Each of the lessons in The Tree and the Key will help children develop phonemic awareness of the ‘ee’ sound family through Music, Drama, Visual Arts and Dance. Start with an audio track and a fun craft exercise using … Read more

From Page to Stage

From Page to Stage is a Drama resource that guides you through transforming a narrative text into a performance. This course uses the Children’s Book Council of Australia Award-winning book Go Home, Cheeky Animals! by author Johanna Bell and illustrator Dion Beasley as a stimulus, however the process and development of this course can be applied … Read more

Teaching Artists Explaining the Elements of Music

Elements of Music

This series introduces the six key elements of music including rhythm, texture, dynamics, pitch, form, and timbre. Children will build their knowledge of basic music techniques through a set of fun activities based on each element, and they’ll grow their confidence and collaborative skills along the way. Each video uses bright animation, practical demonstrations and … Read more

Stories From Home

Stories From Home

Ever wanted to learn more about the craft of theatre making? Stories from Home will take you through a structured ten lesson project to help you develop and stage an original show. Download the lesson plans to learn how you can give your students the necessary tools to create their own theatre. The videos can … Read more

Sustainable Songs

Sustainable Songs

We’ve all played with our food, but when was the last time you actually played your food? Sustainable Songs is a fun and imaginative music project that encourages children to make connections between food, sustainability, and music. The project, produced in partnership with The A2 Milk Company, takes children through a process of making and … Read more

Create a Radio Drama

Radio Drama

Head back to the ‘golden era’ of radio drama with this fun and imaginative resource. Develop your performance skills using voice and sound effects to create a play for radio. Explore the history of the genre, how radio advertising works and how a narrative play is structured for a radio audience. Bring plenty of imagination … Read more

Own the Stage with Rayella

Own The Stage

Hone your stage skills with help from some of Australia’s most passionate performers and bands. Filmed at the Bush Bands Bash Festival in Australia’s Northern Territory and featuring interviews with contemporary Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander band, Rayella and the Yipirinya School Band, you’ll explore different cultural perspectives in performance and music and learn the … Read more

How to play the Ukulele

How to Play the Ukulele

Ukuleles are easy to learn, cheap to buy and fun to play! Over 15 lessons, you’ll learn tuning techniques, chords, picking and strumming patterns and how to play a range of songs! This is the first course in ARTS:LIVE’s Ukulele series. Designed for beginners, this course includes an introduction to tuning techniques, chords and different … Read more