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What's that Instrument?

What’s that Instrument?

What’s that Instrument? is a practical, time-saving teacher resource to help primary school teachers prepare, set-up and deliver the music curriculum with confidence. Whether you are an expert, or you need some support to deliver the music curriculum, this resource provides the tools to create a colourful engaging space to help teachers and students to … Read more

Primary school students holding bells while looking up at teacher

Primary Music Starter Pack

Get started with the basics of music education with this easy to follow resource, which will deepen students’ musical skills, confidence, and understanding. With our Primary Music Starter Pack, students will learn about informal and formal music notation, musical vocabulary and improvisation. They will also have opportunities to explore body percussion, singing and develop their … Read more

Remote Learning Pack: Years 3 – 4

The Song Room has created a Remote Learning Pack for Years Three to Four to support teachers as they deliver remotely during the COVID-19 disruption. Our Remote Learning Pack 3-4 features activities across the music, visual art, dance and drama artforms, with the activities linking to literacy, numeracy, play-cased learning and physical activity as identified … Read more

Remote Learning Pack: Years 5 – 6

The Song Room has created a Remote Learning Pack for Years Five to Six to help teachers make lockdown learning fun while delivering class content remotely. Our Remote Learning Pack 5 – 6 includes activities across the music, visual art, dance and drama artforms, with the activities linking to literacy, numeracy, play-cased learning and physical … Read more

Harmonic Shift: Songs of Resilience

Encourage children to build their resilience, develop literacy skills and foster respect through our new ARTS:LIVE resource, Harmonic Shift: Songs of Resilience. Harmonic Shift: Songs of Resilience is a collection of songs and stop-motion animation videos centred around wellbeing. All videos are supported by backing tracks, lyrics and chord sheets, giving teachers the ability to support or … Read more

Transition Songs for F-2

Support the emotional, social and cognitive development of students through practical songs that teach them to work together while supporting language development and classroom routines. Transition songs can motivate, focus and help children to engage and participate fully as part of a group. All songs are accompanied by activity guides, lyrics and backing tracks to … Read more

Sound Bites

Discover the music making secrets of some of Australia’s most loved musicians. Students are taken behind the scenes in Sound Bites, a collection of music resources made in partnership with Arts Centre Melbourne and the Australian Music Vault. This collection of video and online resources gives students a chance to learn about music-making and songwriting … Read more

Puppetry course on ARTS:LIVE


Take your students on a prehistoric adventure with Designosaurs. Made in partnership with Erth and the Sydney Opera House, this inspiring, new puppetry resource brings sustainability and animal conversation to life. Your students will love exploring and experimenting with design and performance. Step by step, Erth guide students through the process of researching, designing and constructing … Read more

Little Red Riding Hood, Queensland Ballet

Fairy Tale Dance

Delve into a world of fantasy as your students explore Little Red Riding Hood, a Queensland Ballet production that showcases a new interpretation of the classic fairy tale. With this exclusive backstage pass, your students will receive tips from theatre professionals on how to create their very own performance using everyday objects found in the … Read more


Hive Mind

Watch as interdisciplinary artist Amelia Kalifa weaves together a community of people through the creation of Hive Mind, an interactive art installation that comes to life through the use of innovative technology. This project is a powerful demonstration of how visual art, technology and community storytelling can be integrated to create profound results. Amelia seeks … Read more