Harmonic Shift: Songs of Resilience

Music Age 5-12

Encourage children to build their resilience, develop literacy skills and foster respect through our new ARTS:LIVE resource, Harmonic Shift: Songs of Resilience.

Harmonic Shift: Songs of Resilience is a collection of songs and stop-motion animation videos centred around wellbeing. All videos are supported by backing tracks, lyrics and chord sheets, giving teachers the ability to support or extend additional learning as required.

This course includes ten lessons packed with creative activities that support students to develop new vocabulary, explore socio-emotional themes and gain musical confidence. The lessons can be used sequentially or independently to support the needs of different classrooms.


What's Inside: Harmonic Shift: Songs of Resilience

  • Four songs including backing tracks
  • Ten lessons that integrate literacy, music and wellbeing
  • Ukulele chords for interested educators
  • Four lyric sheets to support learning
  • Flexible materials that can be used for brain breaks or more in depth learning
  • Opportunities to support or extend additional learning