Sound Bites

Music Visual Arts At Home Age 5-12, 12-16

Discover the music making secrets of some of Australia’s most loved musicians. Students are taken behind the scenes in Sound Bites, a collection of music resources made in partnership with Arts Centre Melbourne and the Australian Music Vault.

This collection of video and online resources gives students a chance to learn about music-making and songwriting directly from contemporary Australian musicians and artists. Kram from Spiderbait is now joined by teen hip hop group Girl Zone and beatmaker Mo Komba of iconic duo Diafrix.

Each artist reveals their music making process in practical steps to help students harness their creativity and bring their ideas to life.

Sound Bites is designed to inspire students and help them to shape and share their music making ideas with confidence. The unique tips and tricks will ignite your student’s passion in the song writing process, while developing creative thinking and the ability to articulate concepts.

The Sound Bites collection offers a suite of educational resources that provide multiple avenues to spark the creative process.

What's Inside: Flexing with Girl Zone

  • Two 45-minute lesson plans, aligned to national curriculum Literacy and Music outcomes
  • Two videos detailing Girl Zone’s rhyming games and approach to performance
  • Twelve audio tracks
  • 1 activity sheet to support collaborative writing
  • Tools to help improve your students’ confidence to generate and develop ideas.

What's Inside: Beatmaking with Mo Komba

  • Four 45-minute lesson plans to guide students through the beatmaking process using music production software
  • One video presenting Mo’s music production process
  • Six activity sheets that demonstrate how to integrate MIDI and audio sounds
  • Numerous audio tracks to support production
  • Strategies to help students sharpen their music production skills.

What's Inside: Jamming with Kram

  • Three 45 minute lesson plans that will lead your students through the process of improvisation, building a song, and constructing a piece of music
  • Two videos exploring his music making process
  • Seven activity sheets that introduce students to the concepts of improvisation, layering and song structure
  • Concepts to help students explore mood, style and composition skills, through individual and group work.

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