Fairy Tale Dance

Dance Age 5-12

Delve into a world of fantasy as your students explore Little Red Riding Hood, a Queensland Ballet production that showcases a new interpretation of the classic fairy tale.

With this exclusive backstage pass, your students will receive tips from theatre professionals on how to create their very own performance using everyday objects found in the classroom or at home. Go in-depth with acclaimed Choreographer Lucas Jervies and Costume Designer Noelene Hill as they explain how to use gestures, movements and clothing to establish characters and learn from specialist Composer, Tristan Parr and Lighting Designer, Benjamin Cistern as they use different styles of music and lighting to establish mood and drama.

Inspire your students to create their very own performance, giving them different roles in their productions and watch as they develop skills in self-expression through literacy learning and the elements of dance.

Bonus Activity: Give students a chance to let off some steam, express their school holiday excitement and find a moment of calm at home in our Storybook Superhero activity here.

What's Inside?

  • Four 45 minute lesson plans that will lead your students step by step through production design
  • Three videos that allow students to explore all the elements involved in the Queensland Ballet production
  • Six audio tracks for students to explore how music can be used to enhance moods and portray personalities
  • One activity sheet for students to use to create character profiles for their own production
  • Ideas and inspiration for your students to develop self-expression, literacy learning and their their dance vocabulary
  • Bonus Activity: Storybook Superhero

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