Hive Mind

Media Arts Visual Arts Age 5-12, 12-16

Watch as interdisciplinary artist Amelia Kalifa weaves together a community of people through the creation of Hive Mind, an interactive art installation that comes to life through the use of innovative technology. This project is a powerful demonstration of how visual art, technology and community storytelling can be integrated to create profound results.

Amelia seeks to create engaging and transformative experiences through the creation of large-scale interactive installations that engage communities. Through her work, she provides community members with opportunities to become artists as she believes the need for expression and creativity doesn’t diminish as we get older, there’s just less opportunity to explore it. The Hive Mind installation blurs the line between artist and audience and helps listeners connect with other people and hear their stories, thoughts and hopes for the future.

The course is perfect for Teachers who want to explore community art. It invites students to collaborate and design their own community-focused art project. It’s cross-curricular and provides students with a dynamic avenue for engaging with others, exploring diverse ways of thinking, developing empathy and intercultural understanding. It also includes the option to integrate digital technology and presents a STEM learning opportunity (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) through the arts!

What's Inside

  • Nine 45 minute lessons plans that will help you integrate science and technology with arts learning
  • Two inspiring videos to engage your class in the Hive Mind project
  • Four project case study activity sheets
  • Ideas and instructional videos to give your class inspiration for their own community engagement project

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