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Sound Bites

Discover the music making secrets of some of Australia’s most loved musicians. Students are taken behind the scenes in Sound Bites, a collection of music resources made in partnership with Arts Centre Melbourne and the Australian Music Vault. This collection of video and online resources gives students a chance to learn about music-making and songwriting … Read more


Hive Mind

Watch as interdisciplinary artist Amelia Kalifa weaves together a community of people through the creation of Hive Mind, an interactive art installation that comes to life through the use of innovative technology. This project is a powerful demonstration of how visual art, technology and community storytelling can be integrated to create profound results. Amelia seeks … Read more

Stories From Home

Stories From Home

Ever wanted to learn more about the craft of theatre making? Stories from Home will take you through a structured ten lesson project to help you develop and stage an original show. Download the lesson plans to learn how you can give your students the necessary tools to create their own theatre. The videos can … Read more

PlayAIr with The Song Room


Are you ready to rock out?! Learn how to play air guitar like a pro! PlayAir is a fun series of lessons that will inspire you to start your own Air Band. You’ll learn how to play all the best air instruments like the air guitar, air saxophone, air drums, air decks and last but … Read more

Hayden Fowler discussing his work

A New World Order

For Hayden Fowler, creating artwork provides a way to express his thoughts and ideas about problems facing humanity. Discover how his work refers to the past, present and future – all at the same time! Building on the notions of disassociation and circularity in Fowler’s work, children consider technology and their relationship to the natural … Read more

Daniel Boyd

Shifting the Scale

Building on the idea of changing perspectives, a theme that runs through the work of renowned contemporary artist, Daniel Boyd. Children will investigate the significance of being critically aware of their involvement in the creation and recording of history. They’ll investigate how our understanding of the past impacts our actions in the future.

Create a Radio Drama

Radio Drama

Head back to the ‘golden era’ of radio drama with this fun and imaginative resource. Develop your performance skills using voice and sound effects to create a play for radio. Explore the history of the genre, how radio advertising works and how a narrative play is structured for a radio audience. Bring plenty of imagination … Read more

Esme Timbery

Family Tides

Esme Timbery is an elder of the La Perouse Aboriginal community. Her works are held in the collection of the Museum of Contemporary Art Australia. La Perouse is the only suburb in Sydney where Aboriginal people have kept their territory from settlement, and its history is a storyof the survival of Indigenous culture. Find out … Read more

Own the Stage with Rayella

Own The Stage

Hone your stage skills with help from some of Australia’s most passionate performers and bands. Filmed at the Bush Bands Bash Festival in Australia’s Northern Territory and featuring interviews with contemporary Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander band, Rayella and the Yipirinya School Band, you’ll explore different cultural perspectives in performance and music and learn the … Read more

Soundscapes with Dave Burton

Soundscapes: You Call That Music?

Explore the environment around you to identify, collect and record sounds using a digital recording device. Experiment with sounds using audio editing software, and compose a unique digital soundscape or piece of music. Analyse, reflect and present your sounds to your friends or classmates. As you will find, music can be created from some VERY … Read more