Drama Media Arts Age 5-12, 12-16

Are you ready to rock out?! Learn how to play air guitar like a pro!

PlayAir is a fun series of lessons that will inspire you to start your own Air Band. You’ll learn how to play all the best air instruments like the air guitar, air saxophone, air drums, air decks and last but not least, the air triangle!

With lots of inspiring videos, by the end of this course you’ll have the air skills to create your own video clip. Engaging in games of mime, movement and expression, this course is perfect for primary and secondary school students.

These resources are inspired by The Song Room’s fundraiser, PlayAir. There are 1.7 million Australian children missing out on the benefits of music at school despite the fact that music makes kids brighter.

If you would like to help put an instrument in the hands of a child who needs it most, click here: Donate to The Song Room

What's Inside?

  • Seven instructional videos for different instruments to inspire your Air Band
  • Six Lessons that take you on a journey through media arts and drama
  • Lots of fun warm up activities
  • Eleven activity sheets
  • Two rocking audio tracks

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