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Create a site-specific work

Site-Specific Work

Explore the spaces around you to spark your theatrical ideas. Students from The Australian Theatre for Young People share their theatre-making knowledge and skills to help you create your own site-specific performances.

Drama and Photography Course

Drama and Photography

Theatre has a great tradition of borrowing from other art forms. Photographs are great for drawing inspiration when creating plays or dramas. Use dramatic and thought-provoking images to enhance artistic expression in your performance. Write your own play using photographs.

Interactive Dance with Chunky Move

Interactive Dance

Explore the ways in which light can be used to improvise choreography. See how leading Australian contemporary dance company, Chunky Move, uses light in innovative ways in its productions. Then, create your own improvisations based on their methods. Through these explorations you will have the opportunity to develop your technical and expressive skills to communicate … Read more

Gotye and Kimbra - The making of Somebody I Used To Know

Make a Music Video

Making a music video is a collaborative process involving musicians and film makers. Gotye’s music video for his 2011 hit Somebody That I Used to Know, was downloaded more than any other music video at the time worldwide. It’s had around 1 billion YouTube views! Go behind the scenes and find out how Gotye (AKA … Read more

Clare Bowditch on getting your music out there

Get Your Music Out There

How do you get your music heard? Find out how to get your music out there from industry insiders. Filmed at Bakehouse Studios in Melbourne, award-winning musicians Clare Bowditch and Stavros Yiannoukas from Bluejuice, as well as Matthew Rogers from Unified Records, guide you through their own personal experience of the music industry. They share … Read more

Write Way to the Top with Henry Wagons and Gossling

Write Way to the Top

Contemporary, award-winning Australian songwriters and creative collaborators, Helen Croome (aka Gossling) and Henry Wagons, share their perspectives on where to find inspiration, giving meaning to your songs and great techniques on how to finish a song! Let them inspire you to write and perform your own songs as they share their individual process for song … Read more

Passionate Podcasting

Passionate Podcasting

Let people know about a topic or subject that you’re really passionate about by producing a podcast. This series of lessons provides helpful tips and tricks to help you produce a podcast and promote it to your target market.

Making a Mask

Drama Activities with Masks

Masks have been used in ceremonies, festivals, performances and rituals in many cultures for centuries. This resource will show you how to create a character and performance using your own papier-mâché mask.

Decorating a Mask

Decorating a Mask

Decorating a Mask is the second component of the Mask Making course, where you will complete your papier-mâché face mask by decorating it with paint, craft supplies and found objects. You can use our simple mask template, or be inspired by your own culture and background to decorate your mask in your unique style.

Mask Making Activity

Making a Mask

Making a mask is a fantastic way to begin exploring the history and use of masks in different cultures around the world – from the fierce tribal masks of Africa to the lavish designs of the Venetians. Mask making also has strong links with other art forms, including drama, dance, music and a range of … Read more