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Callum Morton

Funfair High

Funfair High takes a look at how art transforms the way we view the world by making the ordinary appear extraordinary. Learn about how architecture informs contemporary artist Callum Morton’s work. Using his photographic print Ghost Train, Bulleen (2011) and the rich history of the Heide Museum of Modern Art as an example, observe how … Read more



Perhaps without even knowing it, as audience members we are aware of the codes and conventions of genres from an early age – from TV programs for pre-school to adult dramas. Genre-nators explores the way filmmakers manipulate production elements for different genres.

How to play the drums

How to Play the Drums

Grab your drum sticks and hit it! Master the basics of drumming, from setting up the kit to playing your own beat with fills. The How to Play Drums course has been developed to teach the fundamentals of drumming and rhythm techniques. The course is designed for individuals and group ensembles over 13 comprehensive tutorials.

How to play guitar

How to Play the Guitar

Fancy yourself as a singer/song writer? Learn the fundamentals of playing a guitar, reading music, composing music and individual practice techniques with this comprehensive 12 lesson guitar course. By the conclusion of this course, students will have learned how to play five essential guitar chords, which can be combined in a variety of ways and … Read more

A Hip Hip Dance Routine

A Hip Hop Routine

Learn a simple Hip Hop dance routine. The routine covers the key moves for Hip Hop and is perfect to learn on your own or with a group. There are five videos which take you step by step from the first verse to the entire sequence so that you’re ready to perform it for friends … Read more

An introduction to hip hop

An Introduction to Hip Hop

Kids love Hip Hop dancing. An Introduction to Hip Hop provides the basis to start learning this contemporary dance genre. The history of Hip Hop is examined to explain why the culture of this dance is so important in the evolution of its signature style. Over five lessons designed for upper primary school aged children, … Read more

Create a Song Cycle with NAISDA

Create a Song Cycle

Express your journey, secrets and identity through dance. For Indigenous cultures, a song cycle is so much more than a song. It represents journeys and secret knowledge that belong to a clan or community. It’s a way of passing on culture, knowledge, and skills. Create a Song Cycle is a course that helps you translate … Read more

Make Tracks with NAISDA

Make Tracks

Contemporary Indigenous dance has a significant cultural importance in the Australian art world. This course aims to engage future artists and inspire everyone to enjoy this new dance form. Led by dancers from Australia’s leading Indigenous dance college, NAISDA, Make Tracks is a springboard for young choreographers to develop their own contemporary dance style. Dance … Read more

Interview with hip hop artist Luka Lesson

Rap It Up

Hip Hop is one of the defining cultural movements of our time, but many people don’t realise it is heavily influenced by poetry. Discover the historical, social and political context and influences of hip hop culture and rap music. Identify the musical and poetic elements used in a range of rap songs. From there, undertake … Read more