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Artists in our Community | Deadly Arts

Be inspired by the multidisciplinary artist Tyrown Waigana as he discusses his art, his influences and shares his insights into a recent school mural project he worked on at Medina Primary School in Perth, based on the Noongar six seasons. The Song Room Teaching Artist, Rickeeta Walley, shares valuable information about Noongar culture and provides … Read more

Yarning on Wiilmen Boodjar and Traditional Doll Making | Deadly Arts

Discover the significance of Deadly Arts yarning, yarning circles and storytelling from two Noongar artists, Marcelle Riley and Yolande Yarran-Ward. Listen and watch as they explain the process of eco-dyeing used to create unique fabrics that reflect the boodja (country) where they are made and find out how traditional dollmaking is used to share stories … Read more

Welcome to Whadjuk | Deadly Arts

Kaya and Wanjoo! (Hello and Welcome!) In the Deadly Arts Welcome to Whadjuk Country, hear Olman Walley – a traditional custodian of the land – sing a traditional Noongar song and be introduced to some of the exciting Deadly Arts programs which you can explore further in our Deadly Arts collection on ARTS:LIVE. Develop with … Read more

Deadly Arts collection

Bring First Nations culture and learning into the classroom with the Deadly Arts collection. This series will help teachers and students to develop cultural knowledge and respect for Country through the arts. Led by First Nations Teaching Artists from The Song Room, students’ knowledge of the key curriculum concepts of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander … Read more


Hive Mind

Watch as interdisciplinary artist Amelia Kalifa weaves together a community of people through the creation of Hive Mind, an interactive art installation that comes to life through the use of innovative technology. This project is a powerful demonstration of how visual art, technology and community storytelling can be integrated to create profound results. Amelia seeks … Read more

From Page to Stage

From Page to Stage is a Drama resource that guides you through transforming a narrative text into a performance. This course uses the Children’s Book Council of Australia Award-winning book Go Home, Cheeky Animals! by author Johanna Bell and illustrator Dion Beasley as a stimulus, however the process and development of this course can be applied … Read more

Stories From Home

Stories From Home

Ever wanted to learn more about the craft of theatre making? Stories from Home will take you through a structured ten lesson project to help you develop and stage an original show. Download the lesson plans to learn how you can give your students the necessary tools to create their own theatre. The videos can … Read more

Sustain Your Art with Ash Keating

Sustain Your Art

By challenging viewers to rethink their wastefulness, contemporary visual artist Ash Keating explores the growing environmental problems facing our society – including issues of over-consumption and waste. Be inspired as Ash creates artworks out of landfill materials (2020?), costumes out of old clothing labels (Label Land) and collaborative performance installations with ‘krumping’ street dancers (Activate … Read more

Making Hand Drawings

Hand Drawings

Hands have been used in artworks since humans first began to paint and draw over 30,000 years ago, and remain a powerful symbol found in visual art today. Learn about how hands have been used to create artworks by many different cultures. Over three lessons, develop effective techniques using your hands to create fun drawings. … Read more

Portry Yourself at the NGV

Portray Yourself

Explore the relationship between subject, artist and audience through portraiture. Investigate image, identity and representation by exploring significant portraits in the collection of one of Australia’s most important art museums – the National Gallery of Victoria.