Hand Drawings

Visual Arts At Home Age 5-12
Making Hand Drawings

Hands have been used in artworks since humans first began to paint and draw over 30,000 years ago, and remain a powerful symbol found in visual art today.

Learn about how hands have been used to create artworks by many different cultures. Over three lessons, develop effective techniques using your hands to create fun drawings.

This is a valuable resource for the Visual Arts curriculum for the middle primary years. It is particularly relevant to content descriptions in both the Making and Responding strands. The learning activities provide opportunities for students to explore and experiment with drawing, design and materials; communicate ideas through their art; and respond to their own and others’ artworks.

The resource has pedagogical value for the Visual Arts curriculum. The activities provide a framework for students to explore drawing and artworks through colour, shape, texture and pattern. They also provide the opportunity for students to draw on cultural influences in creating their artworks. The activities are designed for students to work independently at first before bringing their artworks together and collaborating to create a class artwork.

What's Inside

  • Three lessons for the classroom
  • Activities for children and families at home
  • Projects adaptable for your wider community

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