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Visual Storytelling

Visual Storytelling

Students can bring narratives to life with this collection of activities! With Visual Storytelling, students will be guided through each step of the storytelling process, from conceptualisation through to creating their very own storybook. Visual storytelling is one of the oldest forms of storytelling. In this resource, students will be able to use a range … Read more

Create a site-specific work

Site-Specific Work

Explore the spaces around you to spark your theatrical ideas. Students from The Australian Theatre for Young People share their theatre-making knowledge and skills to help you create your own site-specific performances.

A Hip Hip Dance Routine

A Hip Hop Routine

Learn a simple Hip Hop dance routine. The routine covers the key moves for Hip Hop and is perfect to learn on your own or with a group. There are five videos which take you step by step from the first verse to the entire sequence so that you’re ready to perform it for friends … Read more

An introduction to hip hop

An Introduction to Hip Hop

Kids love Hip Hop dancing. An Introduction to Hip Hop provides the basis to start learning this contemporary dance genre. The history of Hip Hop is examined to explain why the culture of this dance is so important in the evolution of its signature style. Over five lessons designed for upper primary school aged children, … Read more