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Primary school students holding bells while looking up at teacher

Primary Music Starter Pack

Get started with the basics of music education with this easy to follow resource, which will deepen students’ musical skills, confidence, and understanding. With our Primary Music Starter Pack, students will learn about informal and formal music notation, musical vocabulary and improvisation. They will also have opportunities to explore body percussion, singing and develop their … Read more

Remote Learning Pack: Years F – 2

The Song Room has created a Remote Learning Pack for Years Foundation to Two to support teachers and educators as they deliver remotely during the COVID-19 disruption. Our Remote Learning Pack F – 2 includes activities across the music, visual art, dance and drama artforms, with the activities linking to literacy, numeracy, play-cased learning and … Read more

Transition Songs for Early Years

Soothe, educate and organise children with practical songs created to help children work together and master daily routines. This resource includes 15 short songs that use common children’s melodies, making them fun, relatable and easy for children to learn, and simple for educators to incorporate into their lessons. Melody and rhyme support language learning; and … Read more

Cheeky Animals for Early Years

Bring literature to life with the ‘Go Home Cheeky Animals’ animated video.  This resource introduces children to the remote Northern Territory locale of Canteen Creek and the cheeky animals that live there. The resource includes activities to help children immerse themselves fully in the story. Children work together to bring the narrative to life using … Read more

Cheeky Dogs for Early Years

Immerse children in literature and help foster a love of learning through this creative animation that is designed to engage children cognitively and emotionally. Children will have the opportunity to see, feel and play as the award-winning book, ‘Too Many Cheeky Dogs’ is brought to life in this resource. Set in the remote Northern Territory … Read more

Transition Songs for F-2

Support the emotional, social and cognitive development of students through practical songs that teach them to work together while supporting language development and classroom routines. Transition songs can motivate, focus and help children to engage and participate fully as part of a group. All songs are accompanied by activity guides, lyrics and backing tracks to … Read more

Musical Games for Early Years

These musical games open up the world of music to 3 to 5 year old children. This resource includes six original music games, with age-appropriate techniques that encourage young children to play instruments, use notation, improvise and respond to music or compose in small and large groups. Games are based on simple narratives and fun … Read more

Cloud Child

The Song Room is proud to present DNA Puppetry’s Cloud Child craft puppet show, offering educators a unique way to engage children in imaginative thinking through puppetry. Experience the Cloud Child drama and visual arts course with your children and learn how to make Cloud Child dolls, rainbow swirls and more! Cloud Child is a … Read more

The Shoe and the Clue

Take your children on a wildlife journey through a series of animated videos, where they will discover Australian animals, learn about zoos, and be introduced to a mysterious creature called a Thingamedoo. Guided by Zoë Barry, a skilled performer, composer and educator, children explore phonemic awareness through role play, character creation, zoos and more. The … Read more

The Tree and the Key

Use a magical story map to navigate through a series of enchanting lessons and creative activities. Each of the lessons in The Tree and the Key will help children develop phonemic awareness of the ‘ee’ sound family through Music, Drama, Visual Arts and Dance. Start with an audio track and a fun craft exercise using … Read more