The Tree and the Key

Dance Drama Music Visual Arts Age 0-5

Use a magical story map to navigate through a series of enchanting lessons and creative activities. Each of the lessons in The Tree and the Key will help children develop phonemic awareness of the ‘ee’ sound family through Music, Drama, Visual Arts and Dance.

Start with an audio track and a fun craft exercise using real leaves, then move on to colourful videos and lyric sheets to help teach lessons that connect storytelling with early literacy learning.

The Tree and the Key will engage young children through exploration, interaction and play. Group-work will have everyone investigating movement, sounds and language together. It’s the perfect starting point for creative early learning, for parents and early childhood educators.

To compliment this resource, there is a hard copy booklet and CD of The Tree and the Key available in The Song Room shop with even more activities to explore.

What's Inside

  • Seven lessons aligned to the Early Years Learning Framework
  • Six audio tracks to encourage singing and dancing
  • Activities features role play, drama, music, dance and visual arts
  • Two animated music clips
  • A Magical Story Map to explore with children as you complete the activities
  • Fun imaginative games that support play based learning
  • Activities that investigate habitats and marine life

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