Cloud Child

Dance Music Visual Arts Age 0-5

The Song Room is proud to present DNA Puppetry’s Cloud Child craft puppet show, offering educators a unique way to engage children in imaginative thinking through puppetry.

Experience the Cloud Child drama and visual arts course with your children and learn how to make Cloud Child dolls, rainbow swirls and more! Cloud Child is a highly visual, non-verbal narrative performed with Makaton sign language for children with diverse learning requirements.

Children will learn a range of age-appropriate craft skills through the course and have the opportunity to make Cloud Child dolls, paper birds and a Cloud Baby cushion.

  • A 20-minute performance video of the original Cloud Child puppet show created by DNA Puppetry from West Australia
  • Five craft video tutorials related to the Cloud Child story
  • Five activity sheets created to accompany the video
  • Advice to support child-led creative experiences