Sustainable Songs

Music At Home Age 5-12

We’ve all played with our food, but when was the last time you actually played your food? Sustainable Songs is a fun and imaginative music project that encourages children to make connections between food, sustainability, and music.

The project, produced in partnership with The A2 Milk Company, takes children through a process of making and playing fruit and veggie instruments and then recycling the scraps to make a delicious Musical Soup. Each lesson has rich links to musical learning, but you don’t need to be an expert in music to work through the activities. We’ve supplied all the instructions and building blocks you need to make the instruments and play the catchy Food Groove song.

Follow these activities to go from fun to yum in no time!

What's Inside?

  • Five lessons for the classroom
  • Activities for children and families at home
  • Tips and handy hints to help you understand the basic elements of music
  • Collaborative learning tools to help children play together as a group
  • An insight into the food cycle and sustainability
  • Opportunities to engage children with literacy learning

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