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Characters from Woonyoomboo: The Night Heron created by Indigenous primary school student from the Nyikina community

Woonyoomboo: The Night Heron

Woonyoomboo: The Night Heron is an important Creation story from the Nyikina community of the Kimberley region of Western Australia. It follows the journey of their creation ancestor Woonyoomboo, a “mapping man” who created and named their Country and left the Walangarri (songline) that teach people about the places and plants, sacred sites, caring for Country and the lore. Created in … Read more

Deadly Arts collection

Bring First Nations culture and learning into the classroom with the Deadly Arts collection. This series will help teachers and students to develop cultural knowledge and respect for Country through the arts. Led by First Nations Teaching Artists from The Song Room, students’ knowledge of the key curriculum concepts of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander … Read more


Hive Mind

Watch as interdisciplinary artist Amelia Kalifa weaves together a community of people through the creation of Hive Mind, an interactive art installation that comes to life through the use of innovative technology. This project is a powerful demonstration of how visual art, technology and community storytelling can be integrated to create profound results. Amelia seeks … Read more

PlayAIr with The Song Room


Are you ready to rock out?! Learn how to play air guitar like a pro! PlayAir is a fun series of lessons that will inspire you to start your own Air Band. You’ll learn how to play all the best air instruments like the air guitar, air saxophone, air drums, air decks and last but … Read more

Hayden Fowler discussing his work

A New World Order

For Hayden Fowler, creating artwork provides a way to express his thoughts and ideas about problems facing humanity. Discover how his work refers to the past, present and future – all at the same time! Building on the notions of disassociation and circularity in Fowler’s work, children consider technology and their relationship to the natural … Read more

Create a Radio Drama

Radio Drama

Head back to the ‘golden era’ of radio drama with this fun and imaginative resource. Develop your performance skills using voice and sound effects to create a play for radio. Explore the history of the genre, how radio advertising works and how a narrative play is structured for a radio audience. Bring plenty of imagination … Read more

Sustain Your Art with Ash Keating

Sustain Your Art

By challenging viewers to rethink their wastefulness, contemporary visual artist Ash Keating explores the growing environmental problems facing our society – including issues of over-consumption and waste. Be inspired as Ash creates artworks out of landfill materials (2020?), costumes out of old clothing labels (Label Land) and collaborative performance installations with ‘krumping’ street dancers (Activate … Read more

Create a Photostory

Create a Photostory

Learn how to create stories using photos or pictures from recycled magazines. It’s a great way to get imaginative with step by step instructions to help students plan and make their own stories using images, speech bubbles and captions. Younger children will love building a basic narrative, whether it be silly or serious, by creating … Read more

Drama and Photography Course

Drama and Photography

Theatre has a great tradition of borrowing from other art forms. Photographs are great for drawing inspiration when creating plays or dramas. Use dramatic and thought-provoking images to enhance artistic expression in your performance. Write your own play using photographs.

Interactive Dance with Chunky Move

Interactive Dance

Explore the ways in which light can be used to improvise choreography. See how leading Australian contemporary dance company, Chunky Move, uses light in innovative ways in its productions. Then, create your own improvisations based on their methods. Through these explorations you will have the opportunity to develop your technical and expressive skills to communicate … Read more