Create a Photostory

Media Arts At Home Age 0-5, 5-12
Create a Photostory

Learn how to create stories using photos or pictures from recycled magazines.

It’s a great way to get imaginative with step by step instructions to help students plan and make their own stories using images, speech bubbles and captions.

Younger children will love building a basic narrative, whether it be silly or serious, by creating a photo story. They will learn to structure a story by incorporating the key elements in a story; the beginning, middle and end.

Students will also explore how to change the meaning of a story by rearranging the photo order.

This resource also includes creative extension activities that can be shared with parents to support home/school learning links.

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What's Inside?

  • Two tutorial videos for students
  • Seven lessons for the classroom
  • Four activity sheets
  • Activities for children and families at home
  • Adaptable activities for early learners

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