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Gotye and Kimbra - The making of Somebody I Used To Know

Make a Music Video

Making a music video is a collaborative process involving musicians and film makers. Gotye’s music video for his 2011 hit Somebody That I Used to Know, was downloaded more than any other music video at the time worldwide. It’s had around 1 billion YouTube views! Go behind the scenes and find out how Gotye (AKA … Read more

Passionate Podcasting

Passionate Podcasting

Let people know about a topic or subject that you’re really passionate about by producing a podcast. This series of lessons provides helpful tips and tricks to help you produce a podcast and promote it to your target market.

Create a Documentary

Shocko Doco

Shocko Doco introduces you to the concept of video interviewing. You will see the common mistakes that are made, and consider ways to fix them. Once you know the pitfalls to avoid, you can plan and shoot your own video interviews.

Design a Magazine Cover

Design a Magazine Cover

Take a look at how magazine covers are designed to attract attention by using colour, fonts, words and images that appeal to their target audience. Over five lessons, you’ll learn how to plan and lay out your own magazine cover based on a topic of your choice.

Callum Morton

Funfair High

Funfair High takes a look at how art transforms the way we view the world by making the ordinary appear extraordinary. Learn about how architecture informs contemporary artist Callum Morton’s work. Using his photographic print Ghost Train, Bulleen (2011) and the rich history of the Heide Museum of Modern Art as an example, observe how … Read more



Perhaps without even knowing it, as audience members we are aware of the codes and conventions of genres from an early age – from TV programs for pre-school to adult dramas. Genre-nators explores the way filmmakers manipulate production elements for different genres.

Add Sound to a Stop Motion Animation

Add Sound To Your Animation

A sound score is a track of sound effects and music that accompanies a film or animation. A Foley artist brings the moving image to life by creating this track. In this set of five lessons you’ll learn how to use a collection of found objects to create a fun and interesting sound score to … Read more

Create a Stop Motion Animation

Create a Stop Motion Animation

Stop Motion is a basic form of animation where a set of still photos, played in a rapid sequence, creates the illusion of movement. It follows the same basic principle as a flip book. Stop Motion Animation is a really fun way to learn the basics of film making and animation. This course, over six … Read more

How to create a storyboard

How To Create A Storyboard

Storyboarding is a way of telling a story through pictures, and is often used to develop concepts for TV and film. The process involves writing a story, breaking it down into simple actions, and then drawing it in pictures. Storyboarding can help to decide what shot type will best capture the information you want to … Read more