Make a Music Video

Media Arts Music Age 12-16
Gotye and Kimbra - The making of Somebody I Used To Know

Making a music video is a collaborative process involving musicians and film makers. Gotye’s music video for his 2011 hit Somebody That I Used to Know, was downloaded more than any other music video at the time worldwide. It’s had around 1 billion YouTube views!

Go behind the scenes and find out how Gotye (AKA Wally De Backer) and filmmaker Natasha Pincus made it happen, and follow their advice to make your own great music video.

What's Inside?

  • Eight lessons for the classroom
  • Behind the scenes footage from the ‘Somebody That I Used to Know’ music video
  • Tips and tricks from music video superstar Natasha Pincus
  • An interview with Gotye
  • Four activity sheets

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