Stress-free formative assessment for the music classroom

students engaged in formative assessment in the music classroom

Term 2 is the time to consolidate your formative assessment strategy for the rest of the year.

With ARTS:LIVE’s comprehensive and easy-to-use resource, Introducing Formative Assessment, you will find tools for stress-free assessment of the Music Curriculum in 2024.

Introducing Formative Assessment includes printable activities to support both Primary Music Specialists and Generalist Primary Teachers teaching the music curriculum. You’ll find a rich source of assessment ideas for students from Foundation to Year Six, to assist teachers of all levels.

Plan, gather and interpret student learning in the music classroom with rubrics, assessment templates and exit tickets to encourage students to take an active part in their learning. Students are supported to develop metacognitive skills as they reflect on their learning achievements and progress their skills.

Strengthen students’ knowledge and skills in the cross-curriculum priorities of Critical and Creative Thinking as well as Personal and Social Capability.

Consolidate your formative assessment strategy today.

Register or sign-in to ARTS:LIVE today to incorporate Introducing Formative Assessment in your music classroom.

You will also find an entire semester of music lessons and activities in The Music Classroom Collection.