Ideas to inspire your class and the whole school in Term 4

Celebrate student learning, cultivate connection and build school culture this term with arts activities from ARTS:LIVE. 

ARTS:LIVE can help teachers plan a stress-free Term 4 with a variety of resource that can address multiple objectives like helping students regulate behaviour in the final school term, creating opportunities for parents to connect, or celebrating with end-of-year performances for the whole school. 

Whatever your objectives are for the Term 4, ARTS:LIVE has practical, easy-to-use resources for all age groups using arts, drama, visual arts, music, and dance.  

Through the arts, students can develop their collaborative skills, explore relationships with their peers, practice listening skills, and solve problems as a group. They can also build confidence and celebrate their learning with their class, or the whole school, in end of year performances. 

To help you plan we have collected a variety of learning experiences to get you started. 


Create unique school performances

Junk Percussion course for school connection and building community culture

Making Junk Percussion

Music for Ages 5-12

In this eco-friendly series, students start by making and playing instruments created from found objects. This resource offers school an opportunity to engage the whole school in music making activities that could culminate in an end of year performance. Invite parents and carers and share songs about sustainability. Students develop listening skills and collaboration.

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Student lead activities to help regulate behaviour

Story builders course for school connection and building culture

Story Building

Drama for Ages 5 – 12

This resource provides opportunities for student agency through the ‘story building’ process. Students are supported to make decisions, solve problems, listen to others, and think creatively. Everyone has a voice, and everyone has a say on how the story plays out. Providing opportunities for collaboration and self-expression helps student to explore their feelings and learn to work together as a team!

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Wow parents and carers at community concerts

The Listies make a scene course for school connection and community building

The Listies Make a Scene

Drama for ages 5 – 12

The Listies provide the tips and tricks needed for putting on a great show for the community. Students practice warm-up exercises, build the narrative, and learn new acting skills including mime and improvisations. By experimenting with movement, voice and character as a class, students build the confidence required to perform to an audience, just in time for end-of-year concerts.

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Dance activities to connect and reflect

Fizzie dance for building school connection

Fizzie Dance

Dance for Ages 10-12 (Years 5 – 6)

You can use dance at any time in a classroom to experience and work through an idea. This resource emphasises exploring and experimenting, practising skills and techniques, and communicating ideas. It helps students to problem solve and practise an activity until they are confident while providing opportunities for reflection. It is the perfect resource to help build empathy and understanding across your class.  

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