Easy lessons to support your Harmony Week plans!

Harmony Week students dancing

Harmony Week is just around the corner! Are you ready to celebrate inclusiveness, respect and belonging in your classroom?

ARTS:LIVE as a multitude of resources for teachers to deliver curriculum-aligned arts learning lessons that explore this year’s Harmony Week theme, ‘Everyone Belongs.’ Students learn about culture and develop understanding and connection in fun and easy-to-use activities. Use them as stand-alone lessons or incorporate them in to your existing plans to really bring Harmony Week to life.  

Here are two courses to get you started…


Explore belonging through Hand Drawing 

Hands Drawing teacher showing hands

Visual Arts       Visual Arts            Years Foundation – 6

Develop your students’ curiosity and respect. Place hands on a world map showing where the class’s families are from, study the history of the hand in Aboriginal Art, or make and place hand cut-outs as leaves on a tree for Harmony Day. Hands have been used in artworks since humans first began to paint and draw. These easy-to-use lessons will help facilitate exploring culture and inclusion.


Embody the word ‘Harmony’ with The Alphabet Dance

Alphabet dance teachers illustrating dance

Dance        Dance            Years Foundation – 6

Promote healthy group dynamics among the class by encouraging and assisting students to relate to and respond to each other in positive ways through dance. Spell out words like “Harmony” and “Belong” as a class, and embody their meaning. This fun dance activity for groups can be performed in any style of dance and can include references to different cultures, interests and experiences within the group.