Painting the Music

Visual Arts At Home Age 0-5, 5-12
Painting the Music activity

Can music inspire your art?

Join Cat Sewell as she combines visual and performing arts techniques by using music to inspire what she draws and paints.

Listen to a music track and paint what you are feeling. What images does the music evoke? Explore your creativity, sharpen your listening skills and understand the links between feelings, ideas and artwork.

Painting the Music also has a great activity for kids at home! This fun project can be done in an hour or an afternoon and will help you create beautiful artworks by guiding you through how to turn sound into colours and shapes. Play around using different music to explore how this changes your style and technique.

To get started, take a look at our activity sheet here: Painting The Music – Activity Sheet

What's Inside?

  • Two lessons for the classroom
  • Activities for children and families at home
  • Techniques to help explore your visual arts skills
  • An exploration of the connections between music and visual arts
  • Adaptable activities for early learners

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