Five arts activities to do with the kids these school holidays

If you’re stuck for ways to entertain the kids these holidays, we’ve got a range of ‘At Home’ Activities for kids of all ages and inclinations. From arts and crafts, to songs and dance, there’s hours of holiday fun for kids (and parents!) on ARTS:LIVE.


1. Paper Boats

In this activity your child can make a simple boat or a fleet and sail their boat across a sea of fabric as they sing the Ocean Song from our Songs for Playgroups course. Have fun exploring the animals that live below the sea!

Find this on our Songs for Playgroups course!


2. Duck Hand Puppets

Keeping with the animal theme, why not have a go at making these cute little Duck Hand Puppets! Your little one can put on a theatre performance using these cheeky little puppets to make our Five Little Ducks song really come to life!

Find this on our Songs for Playgroups course!


3. Kitchen Band

Ever wanted to start your own family band? Well here’s your big break. Follow our easy instructions about collaboration, listening and play and you’ll be rocking out before you know it! All with everyday items found in the home. Best of all, your kids will learn about the different elements of music at the same time!

Find this on our Elements of Music course!


4. Hidden Dynamic

Dynamics are an important part of music. They’re used to create mood and intensity by altering how loud or quiet different sounds are. You can play this fun hide and seek game that introduces your kids to music dynamics in a playful and easy to understand way.

Find this on our Elements of Music course!


5. Paint the Music

Develop your skills as a painter by using music as inspiration. Tune into sound and try and express what you hear in colour and shape. You can experiment by using different music and explore how this changes your style and technique. It’s also a great way to get the whole family together, creating a beautiful artwork together!

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