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Songs for Playgroups

Music Visual Arts Age 0-5, 5-12
Songs for Playgroups

Jump up, join in and sing along with Songs for Playgroups! This course will have you counting, dancing, jumping, playing and learning.

Colourful, interactive music videos support eight different lessons in singing and movement. Each lesson is accompanied by audio tracks, lyric sheets, and activity sheets.

If you’re looking for something fun to do outside the classroom, try these four craft activities designed especially for parents to enjoy with their children: Paper Boats, Sleeping Bunnies, the ABC Song and Five Little Ducks.

Songs for Playgroups will have you counting, and investigate sounds and language, introducing literacy and numeracy. It’s the perfect starting point for creative learning, for parents and early childhood educators.

What's Inside?

  • Eight beautifully designed music videos, featuring catchy songs and nursery rhymes
  • Songs designed to help develop early reading comprehension and counting skills
  • Games that develop imagination and interpersonal skills
  • Craft activities for the class or at home, that tie in cleverly to the lessons
  • Projects adaptable for friends and families

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