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Making Hand Drawings

Hand Drawings

Hands have been used in artworks since humans first began to paint and draw over 30,000 years ago, and remain a powerful symbol found in visual art today. Learn about how hands have been used to create artworks by many different cultures. Over three lessons, develop effective techniques using your hands to create fun drawings.

Portry Yourself at the NGV

Portray Yourself

Explore the relationship between subject, artist and audience through portraiture. Investigate image, identity and representation by exploring significant portraits in the collection of one of Australia’s most important art museums – the National Gallery of Victoria.

Painting the Music activity

Painting the Music

Can music inspire your art? Join Cat Sewell as she combines visual and performing arts techniques by using music to inspire what she draws and paints. Listen to a music track and paint what you are feeling. What images does the music evoke? Explore your creativity, sharpen your listening skills and understand the links between … Read more

Create a Keepsake


How do artists express their feelings and memories through sculpture? Look at and respond to Sweeney’s Keepsake (1987) by Les Kossatz – part of the collection of the Heide Museum of Modern Art, then make your own sculpture based on your feelings and memories. Sculptor Lucy Irvine shows young children a method that uses a … Read more

Visual Storytelling

Visual Storytelling

Students can bring narratives to live with this collection of activities! With Visual Storytelling, students will be guided through each step of the storytelling process, from conceptualisation through to creating their very own storybook. Visual storytelling is one of the oldest forms of storytelling. In this resource, students will be able to use a range … Read more

Making a Mask

Drama Activities with Masks

Masks have been used in ceremonies, festivals, performances and rituals in many cultures for centuries. This resource will show you how to create a character and performance using your own papier-mâché mask.

Decorating a Mask

Decorating a Mask

Decorating a Mask is the second component of the Mask Making course, where you will complete your papier-mâché face mask by decorating it with paint, craft supplies and found objects. You can use our simple mask template, or be inspired by your own culture and background to decorate your mask in your unique style.

Mask Making Activity

Making a Mask

Making a mask is a fantastic way to begin exploring the history and use of masks in different cultures around the world – from the fierce tribal masks of Africa to the lavish designs of the Venetians. Mask making also has strong links with other art forms, including drama, dance, music and a range of … Read more

Callum Morton

Funfair High

Funfair High takes a look at how art transforms the way we view the world by making the ordinary appear extraordinary. Learn about how architecture informs contemporary artist Callum Morton’s work. Using his photographic print Ghost Train, Bulleen (2011) and the rich history of the Heide Museum of Modern Art as an example, observe how … Read more

Junk Percussion Techniques

Junk Percussion Collection

Welcome to ARTS:LIVE’s Junk Percussion Collection! These courses will help you to use readily available, found and recycled objects, and learn new percussion techniques to make original sounds. Once you start you won’t be able to stop! That’s OK, we have plenty of songs for you to test your new skills on in the Song … Read more