The Listies Make a Scene

Drama At Home Age 5-12

The Listies are the Kings of Icky! And let’s face it, who doesn’t want to make a scene with vomit, farts and wobbly intestines? The wildly popular children’s theatre-makers and authors will give you all their tips and tricks for creating a show full of dramatic tension and comedy.

This drama course starts at the end. With the final scene mapped out first, you’ll build out the narrative to create a show in your own lounge room. Warm-up with drama exercises, then learn new acting skills including mime and improvisations. Experiment with movement, voice and character. Props and costumes will help make your play more dynamic, before performing to your schoolmates, friends or family.

This course encourages self-expression, develops literacy including language skills and builds the confidence needed to perform to an audience. The Listies Make a Scene is a hilariously funny course which is easily adaptable inside and outside the classroom. It’s ideal for use at home and in the primary school classroom.

To get started, take a look at our activity sheet here: Create A Scene – Activity Sheet.

What's Inside

  • 4 x 45min Lessons for the classroom that will take you on a collaborative and creative journey
  • 4 x Videos totalling 18 mins, which feature comedic demonstrations of improvisation and narrative building
  • 4 x Lesson plans that make mapping out classroom activities easy
  • 7 x Activity sheets covering the elements of drama
  • Fun resources directly pulled from The Listies book 'Ickypedia', and a character profile activity that helps direct actors and develop acting skills
  • Activities for the home include “Make a Gross-tastic Scene” and “Make Gory Props”