Improvisation Starters Compilation

Drama At Home Age 5-12
Improvisation Starters

Drama is a dynamic practice that introduces students to a world of movement, pretend and play. Improvisation Starters is all that and more! Improvisation is an important element of drama that will have you thinking creatively and build confidence.

Through Improvisation Starters, you’ll participate in warm-ups and games that can be as simple as you want or can be extended lessons to get you focused.

Improvisation is just as fun at home as it is in the classroom. This course is the perfect starting point for creative learning for parents and primary school educators.

What's Inside?

  • Six instructional videos, with 20 minutes of content, to prompt participation for each group activity
  • A template for writing your own drama journal
  • Six curriculum aligned lessons and downloadable lesson plans
  • Fun warm-up activities, each with an activity sheet, that will get you ready for performing. Your imagination is the only limitation!

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