Provide your students with the social-emotional benefits of an outdoor music classroom.

Primary school students enjoying Outside Music Classroom arts learning lesson with Teaching artist

The Outdoor Music Classroom, launched today on ARTS:LIVE, is the latest resource in the Music Classroom collection. This new resource is designed to create strong class connection in a learning environment that increases joy and happiness for both students and staff.

Learning in nature has a positive effect on students’ social and emotional learning. This new resource encourages students to connect and learn together, and to form positive relationships with each other.

The Outdoor Music Classroom provides teachers with musical ideas inspired by the natural world, as well as guidance on teaching music in an outdoor environment.

Teachers will also find helpful and practical ideas to connect to nature through curriculum aligned music-based learning experiences. Tips and strategies will help primary teachers plan and deliver music education with confidence and expertise.

Get ideas to connect musical learning to the cross-curriculum priorities of Sustainability and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Histories and Cultures. Discover great songs for singing in nature and lesson plans for composing seasonal poems inspired by the sounds of Country.

Primary school students enjoying Outside Music Classroom arts learning lesson with Teaching artist
Students from Mother of God School, Victoria, with Song Room Teaching Artist.

Lesson plans for Foundation to Year Six help students to explore music making on Country. Students are guided to create and perform musical poems, stories or songs in response to the seasons in your local area. Each plan contains five or six sequential 60-minute lessons.

The natural world provides students with endless inspiration! Explore songs to spark joy and wonder. You can also use our ‘Composer Choice Boards’ and ‘Composer Cards’ resources to help students create their own nature compositions.

Additionally, lesson resources from The Song Room’s Deadly Arts collection support students to access First Australian artists and content. Wherever possible, teachers should try to connect students to First Nations peoples and resources in their local communities. 

The Outdoor Music Classroom, part of The Music Classroom collection, has been created through the Music in Schools – DUET: Teacher Mentoring Program (DUET). DUET is a collaboration between The Song Room and the Victorian Department of Education.

Plan your Outdoor Music Classroom with this inspiring new resource. Sign in today.