Rock Out by Playing Air!

Are you ready to rock?! Learn how to play air guitar like a pro! PlayAir is a brand new course on ARTS:LIVE that will engage your students with dramatic improvisation activities and media arts by teaching them how to play air instruments and produce video clips for their air bands.

Not only are these activities fun and engaging, they carry an important message too.

We’ve made these great new ARTS:LIVE resources to celebrate PlayAir – The Song Room’s largest annual fundraiser. Every year in September you can purchase an Air Instrument for $2 from JB Hi-Fi stores around the country. Each ‘Air Instrument’ sold helps The Song Room to put a real instrument in the hands of a child who needs it. There are 1.4 million Australian children missing out on the benefits of music at school despite the fact that music makes kids smarter. Find out more at

Check the PlayAir resource here!