New Professional Learning course for Primary School Teachers!

Today The Song Room launched What’s that Instrument?, the first course in new collection of professional learning resources on ARTS:LIVE called The Music Classroom. The series includes practical, time-saving solutions to help increase the confidence and capability of primary school teachers to bring high-quality music education into their classroom.

What’s that Instrument? is now available on ARTS:LIVE. It is a perfect all-in-one tool to help primary school teachers prepare, set-up and deliver music education with confidence and expertise.

Whether you know what you’re doing, or need some support to deliver the music curriculum, the resources are practical and time-saving to help teachers set-up the classroom with ease. You’ll have everything you need to create a colourful, dynamic space. Plus, teachers and students are given information to understand and use the most common instruments in the primary classroom.

What’s that Instrument? can be used as a reference guide throughout the year. It includes a visual catalogue of classroom instruments explaining how students from Foundation to Year 6 can play them. It includes organising labels, curriculum stickers, instrument activity cards and a listening guide with links to music from all over the world that students can listen and respond to.

The Music Classroom has been developed as part of the The Music in Schools – DUET: Teacher Mentoring Program (DUET), a collaboration between The Song Room and the Victorian Department of Education and Training.

The collection includes lesson ideas, planning and organising tips, examples of how instrument resources can be differentiated across the curriculum, and lessons to stimulate play, inquiry and social and emotional skills.

The courses will be released through our Term 2 and will include advice on setting up an outdoor music classroom, how to use props in the music classroom, and lesson ideas to work with tuned and untuned percussion instruments.

Keep an eye out on The Song Room socials for more information.

Until then, sign in to ARTS:LIVE and start using What’s that Instrument? today.