Introduce your class to the Bookarrikaara (dreaming) story from the Nyikina community

Characters from Woonyoomboo: The Night Heron created by First Nations primary school student from the Nyikina community

The Song Roomin partnership with SharingStories Foundation is thrilled to launch a new resource on ARTS:LIVE - Woonyoomboo: The Night Heron.

Made in collaboration with Nyikina senior custodians, young people and community members of Western Australia’s Kimberley region, students will be introduced to the Walangarri (songlines) of Woonyoomboo: The Night Heron, a Creation Ancestor for the Nyikina People. 

The resource provides an opportunity for students todiscover howhistory is held and passed down through intricate song, dance, art and stories of the Bookarrikaara (Dreamtime).  They will explore all areas of the Arts – Music, Dance, Drama, Media Arts and Visual Arts – and will learn about culture, customs, traditional practices, history and the respect and importance of Country. 

Map of Indigenous Country in the Western Australia's Kimberley region

This new ARTS:LIVE resource is filled with lessons, videos, activity sheets and extension ideas that you can use in the classroom or share with students working from home. Detailed classroom teaching protocols are included for teachers, allowing you to bring First Nations learning into your classroom. 

Cross-curriculum priorities, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Histories and Cultures and Sustainability, are addressed authentically and General Capabilities are embedded throughout the course. 

Characters from Woonyoomboo: The Night Heron created by Indigenous primary school student from the Nyikina community

Arts learning provides children with opportunities to explore ideas, find joy, and to learn.Get started today with Woonyoomboo: The Night Heron.

 This is just one of the many courses available on ARTS:LIVE.

For more information about the Woonyoomboo: The Night Heron or ARTS:LIVE, please  sign into the ARTS:LIVE website.